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House of Dreams - WIP4 by Phaeton99

I have been staring at this plan sporadically for the last few hours, trying to make heads and tails of this intricate drawing which is...


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Current Residence: Romania, the wilderness of Eastern Europe.

Favourite genre of music: You know those guys with the mohawks and weird piercings? Those guys. Well, and a lot of others, but mainly those.

Favourite style of art: Bauhaus & Constructivism.

Operating System: Apertures 3+4

Shell of choice: Armour-Piercing Ballistic Cap B-420 for the 107mm divisional gun M1940 (M-60)

Wallpaper of choice: 18th century hand painted

Skin of choice: Human female

Favourite cartoon characters: Tank Girl, Spider Jerusalem.

Personal Quote: When in trouble or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout!
Quite on the contrary, I have lot of stuff to do, and very little time to do it. Unfortunately, a lot of that stuff is currently under NDA until it gets published, so it can't be shown online. Yet.

In the meantime, please enjoy a few things I've done recently and that can be shown in my gallery, most of them themed around WW1.
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  • Listening to: "White Rabbit", Jefferson Airplane
  • Reading: Artemis Fowl and the Last Guardian, Eoin Colfer
  • Watching: Exploring the Universe: Crash Course Big History 2
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Inner Space Airliners by wingsofwrath
Inner Space Airliners
EDIT 24.11.14: Slightly modified the underwater part of the lineart.

Another concept drawing, showing a couple of airliners from the Inner Space world.

Since rubber is completely unknown in this world, all large aeroplanes have to land on water, so they are either flying boats or floatplanes.
Luckily, the world's geography is such that large bodies of water are plentiful in areas where people can live.

The picture depicts the Marbanian Klatu B.40N floatplane (top) and a Tambrian IAT 825 "Triumph" (bottom).

Both are twin-engine, all-metal airliners of semi-monocoque construction and with fully cantilevered wings, but one is a float equipped biplane (actually sesquiplane) while the other is a parasol monoplane flying boat equipped with airfoil shaped sponsons for stability while in the water.

The performance is roughly similar to our world inter-war airliners like the Boeing 247 or the Douglas DC3, with both designs able to transport 35 passengers at a speed of around 300km/h for approximatively 1,200 km.
Flying Ship Sketches by wingsofwrath
Flying Ship Sketches
Some more commission work for :iconinrepose:, for his "Imperial Skies"  tabletop miniature ruleset, to be used with the "aeronef" range from Brigade Models.

These are small sketches to be used as page-breaks in the game ruleset.

Sketchbook stock comes from here: Vintage sketchbook template.

Font is "Jane Austen".
Tambrian Uniforms by wingsofwrath
Tambrian Uniforms
A small selection of Tambrian uniforms and equipment, design work for my longtime comic book project "Inner Space".

Technologically speaking, the Inner Space world is situated around our world's late 40s, but a lot of the development has been pretty schizophrenic, so we end up seeing elements that were common in our world pre-war combined with a lot of post-war developments.

First and foremost, the Tambrian army equipment has been developed in peacetime and it's effectiveness in real world combat conditions still remains to be tested - there have been a few border incidents with the neighbouring nation of Marban, but the data gleamed from them was still pretty inconclusive.

Also, when it comes to it's fighting force Tambr relies on a mixture of universal conscription (this applies to all genders) to create a large pool of reservists, as well as a small cadre of professional soldiers which form the backbone of army, accounting for the bulk of the non-commissioned officer corps as well as the upper echelons of the officer corps.
The junior officers tend to be reservists with higher education, with army training integral to most university degrees.

For the purposes of illustration, all the soldiers drawn all have the rank of "Vzvotu", the Inner space Equivalent of "Platoon Leader" or NATO OR-7, despite the fact the soldier at (2.) is clearly a conscript with an ill-fitting uniform... [the ranks and insignia will be discussed further in another instalment]

1a,b,c,d. The Tambrian Combat Dress Uniform consists of a lightweight tunic and trousers, steel helmet, steel body armour and combined cotton webbing and leather combat equipment.

The uniform is made out of cotton twill printed with a camouflage pattern [inspired by the "amoeba" pre-ww2 Soviet camo] but includes a slightly anachronistic element by having piping in the branch colour on both the tunic and trousers- in this case, yellow for infantry. The ranks are on the sleeves cuffs and also have the branch colour as background.[the branch colour and other insignia will be discussed further in a separate instalment]. The tunic is closed with heavy duty snaps concealed behind a fabric flap and includes two large pockets just below the edge of the body armour. The trousers have four pockets, two front internal ones and two large cargo pockets with with accordion folds located on the calves.

The helmet is complex, incorporating both hinged cheekpieces as well as a two-piece laminated neck guard to protect the back of the head. The design also incorporates two ventilation apertures above the temples and a suspension system with a headband and four internal pads attached directly to the shell. The chinstrap is attached to the cheekpeices, is made out of cotton webbing, has an integral chin cup and fastens on the left side with a heavy duty snap. The weight is about 1.6kg. [the design is based both on the RW WW2 American "T13 Aircrew Helmet", a precursor to the "M3 Anti-Flak Helmet" as well as the Italian "Mod.1933" Helmet and the Bulgarian "Каска М36"]

The helmet is painted in the standard
greenish khaki used by most Tambrian military hardware and sports three sets of insignia - on the left side the regiment number in black on a diagonally divided background indicating branch and specialisation. In this case party per bend sinister, or-gules, to denote "infantry" ("or"-yellow) and "foot" ("gules"- red). On the back the rank in black, also with the branch colour as background, and, finally, the national insignia (white/black spiral) on the right side.

The body armour is also painted
khaki and made out of five metal plates roughly 2.5mm thick - two to form the breastplate, two articulated ones to guard the lower abdomen and a small plate in the shape of an inverted trapezium [trapezoid, for the US readers] to guard the back. The plates are fixed to a padded cotton vest which opens at the front and also incorporates a neck guard. The whole weighs about 4kg and can protect against shrapnel, pistol and submachine gun bullets fired from more than 10m as well as assault rifle bullets fired from more than 100m out, as long as they hit at a slight angle. It will not stop the bullet of a full size rifle. [the body armour is closely based upon the Soviet prewar "Сталевий нагрудник" ("Stalnoi Nagrudnik", or "Steel bib") SN-38]

The combat equipment is a mix of leather straps and cotton webbing and features a leather belt with two cotton magazine pouches for two magazine each in the front (which later proved insufficient and supplemented by adding another two pouches), a leather shovel carrier with folding shovel, scabbarded bayonet and cotton gas mask pouch on the left hip, cotton fabric bread bag with attached aluminium mess tin and an aluminium water bottle with fabric camo cover on the right hip.

The combat backpack also attaches to the top of the cartridge pouches and to the back of the belt via hook and loop fasteners and is designed to work as a shoulder harness, incorporating pads on the shoulders. The top of the backpack also has webbing designed to hold the helmet during marches.

The shelter half is rectangular, can also serve as a rain cape and it's rolled up outside of the sleeping bag.  The three-piece aluminium pole is in the middle of the roll along with a small pouch containing three tent pegs and some string. [ based on the Soviet ww2 shelter half]

The soldier also wears lace-up leather boots, painted reddish-brown and with padded tops made of cotton twill.

The weapon is the standard Tambrian Lirak-Trit assault rifle in the 6HT/CA calibre (8X46mm caseless) and the magazine holds 30 rounds. [it will be described further in another instalment]

2a,b. The Garrison/Service dress is the same tunic and trouser combo of the Combat dress, but without the helmet and body armour. No belt is usually worn with this uniform, but the head should be covered at all times while outdoor.

The standard Tambrian cap is represented at (2b.) and is distinctive because of its
V-shaped top, circular headband and ear flaps, which are worn down at all times and fastened under the chin. This is supposed to resemble that of the steel helmets worn in times when edged weapon combat was still common.
The cap is made out of the same camouflage fabric as the uniform, with piping in the branch colour and features the same three insignia as the helmet, but with the national arms in front, rank on the right an unit on the left. [keeping with the Balkan feel of the Inner Space world, the cap is based on the real life Serbian national hat, the
šajkača, but with added ear flaps- it has, however, no connotations to real life nationalist movements and I chose it purely due to the visual impact]

The shoulders have removable padding used both for practical purposes, but also to resemble armoured
spaulders. The collar of the uniform is the same colour as the piping, and beneath it, the soldier wears a khaki neckerchief.

3. For military parades and ceremonies the Tambrian Army wears a different uniform in the traditional Tambrian blue-grey. It has roughly the same design as the Combat and Field dress, but with external pockets ommited. The tunic and trousers are also piped in the branch colour, while the boots are the same as used with the other uniforms.

The shoulders and cap band are stylised polished steel versions of the
spaulders and helmets worn by armoured infantry for edged weapon combat. Further decorative elements are a braided aiguillete in the branch colour which doubles as a pistol lanyard, as well as a square curl of silver braid on the upper thigh [based on the "Austrian Knots" worn in real life by hussars as well as the square loop used by the Romanian and Italian Air forces as part of their sleeve rank insignia].

A white leather belt and holster are also worn, as well as white gloves, cotton for enlisted and leather for officers. The rifle sling is also white leather.

The "unit" cap insignia is
party per bend sinister, or-argent ("argent"-in this case, white), with the white representing guard units.

The soldier is presenting arms in the typical Tambrian fashion, with the left foot drawn perpendicularly behind the right heel [inspired by late 18th and early 19th century Austrian army drill], left arm diagonally in front of the chest and right palm down along the butt of the rifle.

The rifle itself is a
Lirak-Oden bolt action rifle in 6HT/CAM (8X60mm caseless), in use with the Tambrian army by snipers and as a ceremonial rifle. The scabbard for the bayonet , also with a white leather frog, is located on the left hip, behind the pistol holster.
The cosmic lagomorphs by wingsofwrath
The cosmic lagomorphs
Another birthday piece, for one of my girlfriends who always had a soft spot for Peter Rabbit and spaceflight.

The story of cosmonaut lagomorphs starts pretty early on, with the rabbit Марфуша ("Marfusha", or "Little Martha") making a flight on a R-2A Rocket on July the 2nd, 1959.

Because there is little chance of a Soyuz going up without a Russian Cosmonaut at the controls, I decided pretty early on that Peter was going to fly with a Russian rabbit - I briefly considered Marfusha herself, before I realised that, rather than a relatively unknown real rabbit (even if it actually flew into space), it would make better sense to have the other rabbit be a Russian children's icon, like Peter.

What other candidate then than
Заяц ("Zayats", or "Hare"), from the popular Soviet era cartoon " Ну, погоди!" ("Nu, Pogodi!", or "Just you wait!")? I mean, even though I'm not Russian myself, I am, however, from Eastern Europe, and I still remember seeing them on the television before the fall of communism...

When it comes to the actual spacecraft and the spacesuits, I tried to be as accurate as possible, by studying a lot of post-flight imagery from the the current Soyuz missions. The capsule herself is the descent module of the
Soyuz TMA-M, the current generation space capsule manufactured by the firm "Ракетно-космическая корпорация «Энергия» им. С.П. Королёва"("Raketno-kosmicheskaya korporatsiya “Energiya” im. S.P. Koroleva", "The S.P. Korolev Corporation for Rockets and Space "Energiya" [Energy]"), the main Russian manufacturer of spacecraft. It is recognisable from the earlier Soyuz TMA by the extra wiring in the antenna bay at the upper left. 

Also typical of the current spaceflight recoveries are the fact the astronauts are sitting on wooden rocking chairs, in distinctive nautically themed sleeping bags (this is as close as I could get to the actual pattern, unfortunately, without drawing it from scratch) and covered with blue blankets with the "
Роскосмос" ("Russcosmos", or "Russpace", the name of the Russian Space Agency) logo. They are wearing the KV2 version of the "Cокол" ("Sokol", "Falcon") space suit introduced in 1973 (1980 for the KV2) and still worn by all cosmonauts who fly the Soyuz spacecraft.

Traditionally, one of the first things the cosmonauts do once on the ground is sign their name on the capsule in chalk, along with the mission name and the date. In this case, though, each of the two also wrote a birthday wish in their own respective language - "Happy Birthday!" from Peter Rabbit and "
С днём рождения!" ("S dniom razdhenya!", lit. "on your day of birth", a contraction of "поздравляю с днём рождения", ["pozdravlioiu s dniom razdhenya!", "congratulations on your day of birth"]) from Zayats.

The mission number is Soyuz TMA-14M, which happens to be the number of the current Soyuz flight that launched September 25 carrying
cosmonauts Aleksandr Samokutyayev, Yelena Serova and Barry E. Wilmore. It is the 123rd flight of a Soyuz spacecraft and it docked with the ISS six hours after launch, being scheduled to return on March 25, 2015. The port solar array initially failed to deploy, but this was fixed after docking with the ISS.

In my alternate reality, the mission carries only two cosmonauts rather than the standard three, because I wanted to bring to mind the
Интеркосмос" ("Intercosmos") goodwill flights of the late 70s and early 80s which were designed to give nations on friendly terms with the Soviet Union access to space, the first of which were held aboard the second generation Soyuz spacecraft, Soyuz 7K-T, which could only carry two passengers (it had been redesigned so that the cosmonauts would be wearing spacesuits during launch and reentry following the Soyuz 11 disaster in which three Russian cosmonauts, flying the original Soyuz 7K-OK, asphyxiated on reentry as a pressure equalisation valve was jerked open in the upper atmosphere by the separation of the service module).

Amusingly, the final mission flown with the 7-KT was Soyuz 40, which ended the first phase of the Intercosmos program by carrying Romanian cosmonaut Dumitru Prunariu and Soviet cosmonaut Leonid Popov to the Салют-6 ("Salyut-6, "Salute-6") space station. The descent stage is currently displayed in the National Military Museum of Romania, one of my regular haunts.
Quite on the contrary, I have lot of stuff to do, and very little time to do it. Unfortunately, a lot of that stuff is currently under NDA until it gets published, so it can't be shown online. Yet.

In the meantime, please enjoy a few things I've done recently and that can be shown in my gallery, most of them themed around WW1.
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Thank you! That is high praise indeed!

I am a fan of Miyazaki, but I've tried to not let myself be influenced too much by his work and instead do something else whenever possible.

Still, that is not always possible and, in fact, there are a lot of similarities in those cases where we ended up using the same primary sources for our inspiration - for example the wondrous machines of 19th century illustrator Albert Robida which served as base for the machines in Howl's Moving Castle and which I've also used for some of my drawings.

This is also why I've ended up grounding my work a lot more in reality rather than the realm of imagination in order to better create a world which is "my own" and, why not, show off a bit of my research...
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Not really surprising, since we most likely drew inspiration from the same places - prototypes, paper projects, all the paths real life didn't take but we choose to walk, in order to create a world which is both alien and familiar at the same time.

As such, there's no way I can't be a fan - it's a very good movie, set in a world very similar to my own...
Alright, just asking.

I have some stuff you might be interested in on my account, just an FYI.
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Sorry to dash your hopes, but, unfortunately, this is nothing but an empty promise made by Victor Ponta to try to lure the monarchists to his side in the upcoming elections, on November the 16th. It's a transparent lie, and made even more abominable by the fact one of his stated goals is to realign the country away from the EU and towards Russia. I have also met Victor Ponta personally and I can tell you he's one of the sleaziest, most corrupt politicians ever to walk this earth. Here, you can read more about the current situation:…
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