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Mitra Class Aviso Gunboat by wingsofwrath Mitra Class Aviso Gunboat by wingsofwrath
This is still for "Skies of Fire", in this case designs for a few ships belonging to the Duchy of Esteront, during the "Lowlands War" (704-712) and especially the climactic "Battle of Solitude Ridge" in 712, the largest airship battle in history which led to the victory of The Empire of Aquila and the "Copperhead Accords".

This is a more in depth exploration of one of the ships shown here.
tristyowl Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2017
This seems more like a destroyer. Also, ever had the idea for aerial torpedoes? 
wingsofwrath Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Even in wet-navy ships there's a lot of overlap between destroyers, corvettes, frigates and avisos and the definitions differ from country to country.

For example, this is what the French called a "destroyer" (actually a "torpilleur" or "torpedo boat", because that's what the French called their destroyers) just before WW2, and this what they called an "aviso"...
Please not that they are roughly the same length (103m and 105m respectively) but the aviso is some 700 tons heavier than the destroyer (2,600t and 1,900t respectively). In terms of armament, the aviso has 3x138mm guns,4X37mm AA guns, two machine guns and 50 mines, while the destroyer has 4X130mm guns, 2X37mm AA guns and six torpedo tubes.

In this particular case, however, this ship is classed as an "Aviso gunboat" because she's an older design with her armament in sponsons rather than turrets. She's larger and has more range than a destroyer, but she's also slower, less manoeuvrable and her armament is actually worse than that of a modern destroyer.
But since the Duchy of Esteront were desperate for any ship, they took them.

The idea of flying torpedoes shows up time and time again, but, so far, they haven't been able to make the idea work - the results are all in the vein of the real life "Curtiss-Sperry Aerial Torpedo" or the "Kettering Bug"- big, slow, clumsy, easily outrunned and expensive. Better to just shoot guns at each other, at least until someone comes up with a viable air-to-air missile...
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